Planning for success

If experience has taught us anything it’s that you can never plan too much. In our opinion making a single assumption is a recipe for disaster!

We do things a little different at Wunderful. This is our approach.


We discuss your project via video conference or in person. In this meeting we get to know you and your business, the challenges you face and how our approach can help.


A scope is presented based on our understanding of your requirements during our consultation. The scope covers all aspects of your project, and becomes part of our agreement.


A basic visual plan of your website is laid out so we can agree on max width, alignments, layouts etc. It wont look pretty but saves time if we agree these details before we code.


A pixel perfect mockup of each unique page layout is put together with brand colours, your logo and any other assets you send us. When we are all agreed on the visuals we will request your final sign off to proceed.


If necessary we can turn your static mockups into an interactive website-like presentation, that you can control. It sounds like overkill but it’s actually quite important to know how your website will be interacted with by your visitors. Also we may notice something that can be improved and make changes early ahead of the development phase when its easier.

Develop, test, deploy and support

Our service doesn’t have to end when your website goes live. We provide a monthly service updating software, protecting you from threats and being there should you need us 24/7. Full piece of mind.


Coding of your website will now commence. We turn your flat images into real responsive web pages, powered by WordPress CMS.

Your websites core functionality; contact forms, galleries etc are also setup at this point.


Even though our team of geeks are awesome we never deploy without first testing the functionality and other core aspects of your website. If we find a bug now we will of course squash it and test again.

In a nutshell it goes test, fix, repeat, until we are certain there are no more obvious bugs.


Our team of geeks will deploy your website to an existing hosting provider, or to one of our hosting accounts.

Don’t forget we also provide email inboxes to keep your business communications running smoothly – ask for more details.


Our support packages keep your website up-to-date and secure from known threats.

We pro-actively monitor your website, and jump into action should it go down or come under attack. Also if you have an issue there’s 24/7 UK based support to assist you.

Ready to hire us for your project?

We are eager to help you realise your websites full potential – lets work together!