Caring, passionate and approachable

At Wunderful Designs we strive to deliver beyond our clients expectations. We believe that satisfactory is never good enough.

The care we display for your business ideals, brand and needs, alongside the passion for our craft, enables us to deliver a stellar service that is second to none. Essentially we guarantee you that we’ll always do our best.


At Wunderful Designs we listen to and help expand your ideas from day one. In aligning our focus to your vision we can effectively complement and develop your concepts, turning them from thoughts into working websites.

Our team will have their own thoughts but we promise to never take you away from your main objectives. What you want is what we want!


Our team may be small but we’ve proven that all you need is a mixture of creativity, passion and skill to push the boundaries and deliver excellence. Numbers don’t matter if the people you have are not up to the task.

It’s likely that every member of team geek will contribute and enhance a project at some stage. Working together helps us to grow and achieve greatness for our clients.


It’s important to us that our clients feel comfortable with us, and know that we are here for them throughout the creative and development processes. Our focus is not to work and bolt – we truly want to establish a long lasting connection with our fantastic clients.

We wont shy away from phone calls, emails or the chance to meetup with you. Even if it’s just to say hi, don’t hesitate to do so.

Ready to hire us for your project?

We are eager to help you realise your websites full potential – lets work together!