WordPress updates and security

The launch of your website is just the beginning. It requires regular maintenance to remain functional, and secure from new threats. We provide monthly maintenance and security review solutions for any size business.

Our team of geeks will regularly login to your website to check for updates to your WordPress core and plugins. If any pending updates are found we will initialise and implement them for you. These updates are important to keep your WordPress installation inline with the latest release, which contain recent bug fixes and system improvements.

Depending on your requirements we can also perform a full security audit of your WordPress installation, it’s plugins, your theme, media library and associated directories to look for vulnerabilities that nasty people can take advantage of. If any problems are identified we can suggest and patch up any areas of concern, to get your sites security back under control.

Pricing starts from as little as £25 per month for maintenance, and £75 per month for our maintenance and security bundle. Ask for more details via site chat or the contact page.