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I’m sure you are aware that having a website means you need hosting to store the files and serve the content. Though it’s fine if you didn’t because now you know.

There are many 1,000’s of businesses out there providing hosting and emails for under £5 a month, with unlimited this and unlimited that. What they don’t tell you though is that you are crammed into the same physical space as many other websites, sometimes 1,000’s. Every website is vying for resources and your website visitors experience slow page loads, frustrating downtime and a real bad time.

Check our amazing uptime stats here.

The Wunderful way is better for the following reasons:

  • We never oversubscribe our servers with too many websites. Only a maximum of 50 per physical resource!
  • The servers we use have powerful CPUs with multiple cores and a whole load of RAM to provide super fast response times.
  • 24/7/365 website monitoring as standard, with 5 minute intervals between checks to see if your site is responding well, or at all.
  • Email support 24/7 for all clients with an initial response time of 30 minutes*.
  • We have full control (root access) to our machines. The German data centre personnel only access our servers to perform routine maintenance or on-site support upon request.
  • Annual pricing means you always get our best deal. Discounts are available for multiple websites.

During office hours. 60 minutes outside office hours.

Email inboxes

If hosting is critical for your website to be accessible, then email inboxes are essential for your business to communicate.

An email inbox is required to receive and store the digital mail that comes to your virtual doorstep. Without it you won’t be able to receive enquiries when visitors start expressing interest in buying your services or products.

We provide single or bulk email inbox services for domains that we administrate on your behalf. Alternative solutions can be provided if you wish to remain in control of your domain. Our pricing matrix below outlines base costs for domains we administrate.

Email(s) Annual cost Savings
1 inbox £35 N/A
2 inbox £65 Save £5
3 inbox £90 Save £15
4 inbox £110 Save £30
5 inbox £130 Save £45
6+ £20 each Please ask

For more information or specifications of our email inbox service, please request a copy of our hosting and email terms and conditions.

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